Area Search – These dogs are trained to find any human scent in a given search area. They may use an article of clothing from the lost person, but this is not a requirement. Area dogs most often work off-leash and can cover large areas.


Trailing – These dogs are trained to follow the path a lost person walked. Similar to “tracking” dogs, these dogs require an article of clothing from the lost person and are not distracted by other people in the area. Trailing dogs work on leashes following trails just a few hours old to several days old.


Human Remains Detection (HRD) / Cadaver – Dogs trained to locate human remains such as tissue, blood, or bones are a necessity for providing closure to families.


Water Search – Dogs trained to aid in the recovery of drowned victims from a water source. These dogs can work in a boat or along a shore to locate the scent as it rises from through the water.


BUDD (Basic Urban Disaster Dogs) – Dogs trained to locate victims of natural disasters buried in rubble from a collapsed building. This type of dog is most often used following an earthquake or building collapse in our local area.


Technical Support Person (TSP) – This individual is trained in all aspects of K9 search and rescue, but does not have a K9. The main role of a TSP is to provide field support, e.g. navigation, radio communications, etc.. for K9/handler teams.