Riverside County Search Dogs, Inc., (RCSD) is made up of individuals who unselflessly donate their time to train the dogs and themselves for search and rescue work. Sometimes they leave their families, jobs, or drag themselves out of bed in the middle of the night to search for someone in need.

The volunteers of RCSD devote 50-100 hours each month to prepare to be called upon by the community. Extensive training involved for a team of K9 and handler may take one to two years and 3000 hours of K9 and handler training.

Each team is made up of a certified dog handler and a K9 partner and deploy on local searches within the County of Riverside. Our teams also deploy to nearby counties as a mutual aid resource. All teams (handler and K9) have passed an extensive county certification process and are re-evaluated every year.

Our team members demonstrate skills in a variety of ways to prepare for a search which include:

  • CPR and first aid
  • Crime scene preservation
  • Ground search techniques
  • Helicopter
  • Incident command
  • Radio communications
  • Search organization
  • Wilderness survival